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Collection title:

           The Folkloric Collection of the Institute of Language and Literature: EAP1045




           Expediția folclorică din 1-31 august 1965 (Folkloric expedition of 1-31 August 1965)

Folkloric species:

           ballads (balade), fakelore (pseudo-folclor), soldiers' songs (cântece de cătănie), love songs (cântece de dragoste), war songs (cântece de război), collective farm songs (cântece colhoznice)

Item Description:

           Male singers sing solo songs in Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian. The creations are ballads (balade), new folklore (fakelore, propagandistic communist farm songs), shepherd songs (cântece păstoreşti). Some of them are in Ukrainian (songs 3, 4, 10), Russian (song 13). There is used a musical instrument (accordion) for two songs (1, 2); songs 3-14 - without any accompaniement. List of creations: 1. Păpușică, popușoi; 2. Foaie verde flori albastre; 3. *** Cântec ucrainesc (Ukrainian songs); 4. Кармемок (transliteration: Karmemok) (Ukrainian incomplete song); 5. Mi-o vinit un ordin iară (soldiers' song); 6. Coroi (ballad); 7. Un-te duci tu Ionică (love song); 8. Eu săracă, tu sărac (destiny song); 9. Ciobănașul (shepherd song); 10. Сказал мине здрасти (transliteration: Scazal mine zdrasti) (Ukrainian song); 11. Las armata încetinel (soldiers' song); 12. Am auzit, lună, bine, ca ai fost și tu ca mine (love song); 13. Проклятые люди (transliteration: Prokleatye liudi) (Russian war song); 14. Grea e viața și amară (destiny song - unfinished).

Performance/Interviewee Note:

           Male singer sing 1, 2 songs with accordion accompaniment; songs 3-14 - without any instrumental accompaniment.



Performer Permission:

           Verbally expressed permission. No written proof.

Contributor 1: Mateișin, Mihai Contributor 1 role: Singer, male: song 1, 2
Contributor 2: Cușnir, Vasilii Contributor 2 role: Singer, male: song 3, 4
Contributor 3: Palade, Gheorghe Contributor 3 role: Singer, male: songs 5, 6
Contributor 4: Male Contributor 4 role: Singer, male: song 7
Contributor 5 role: Singer, male: song 8
Contributor 6: Famale Contributor 6 role: Singer, female: song 9
Contributor 7: Male Contributor 7 role: Singer, male: song 10
Contributor 8: Male Contributor 8 role: Singer, male: song 11
Contributor 9: Female Contributor 9 role: Singer, female: song 12
Contributor 10: Female Contributor 10 role: Singer, female: song 13
Contributor 11: Female Contributor 11 role: Singer, female: song 14

Date of original recording:



           29 min. 13 sec.


          Botezatu, G., G.; Moraru, S.


           The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, The Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova; nowadays The Republic of Moldova

Recording location (Localitate):

           Sturzovca (Glodeni; R. Moldova), Horodişte (Donduşeni; R. Moldova)

Recording district (Raion):

           Râşcani, Donduşeni

Recording location:

           Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Sturzovca village, Râșcani district; song 6: Gorodovca village, Dondușeni district


           Romanian (songs 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14), Ukrainian (songs 3, 4, 10), Russian (song 13)

Music category/genre:

           Lyric songs

Recording notes:

           Bad recording, are listening a lot of varois recording in a track

Accompanying images:

           CEAP1045_1_005_1.jpg; CEAP1045_1_005_2.jpg


           Bit depth: 24 Sample rate: 96 Channels: 2 Encoding: WAV Replay device: Akai GX-620 Speed: 19 cm/sec Noise reduction: Stylus: Interconnection: Unbalanced Analogue Capture device: Sound Devices, USBPre 2 Capture software:


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