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Collection title:

           The Folkloric Collection of the Institute of Language and Literature: EAP1045




           Expediția folclorică din 1966 din satul Obileni, raionul Cotovschii (Folkloric expedition of 1966 from Obileni village, Cotovschii district)

Folkloric species:

           destiny songs (cântece de soartă), longing songs (cântece de dor), sorrow songs (cântece de jale), war songs (cântece de război)

Item Description:

           Male and female singers sing solo songs in Romanian. The creations are destiny song (cântece de soartă), longing and sorrow songs (cântece de dor și jale), war songs (cântece de război). There are no musical instruments used. List of pieces: 1.Sui, măicuță, pe-o nuia (cântec de cătănie - soldiers' song); 2. Judecata-i la Orhei (cântec de dragoste - love song); 3. Pe sub deal, pe sub pădure (cântec de soartă - destiny song); 4. Dănuța (unfinished ballad); 5. Mi-i bărbatu băutor (cântec de soartă - destiny song); 6. Murgule, căluțule (cântec de pahar - drinking song); 7. Cal bălan cu șaua verde (cântec de dragoste - love song); 8. De când războiul s-a-nceput (cântec de război - war song); 9. Cântec de holtei (cântec de dragoste - love song); 10. Fire-ar să fii tu, băiete (cântec de dragoste - love song); 11. Foaie verde viorea (cântec de jale - sorrow song, unfinished); 12. Foaie verde viorea (cântec de jale/dor - sorrow/longing song); 13. Eu ți-am spus, mândro (cântec de cătănie - soldiers' song); 14. Scoală, bădiță, din somn (cântec de dragoste - love song); 15. Pe un drum ce vine (cântec de război - war song); 16. Cântecul bolnavului (cântec de jale - sorrow song - unfinished).

Performance/Interviewee Note:

           Male and female singers sing without any instrumental accompaniment.



Performer Permission:

           Verbally expressed permission. No written proof.

Contributor 1: Conovalu, Andrei Gheorghevici Contributor 1 role: Singer, male (was born in 1928): song 1
Contributor 2: Nunu, Andrei Vasilievici Contributor 2 role: Singer, male (36 years old): songs 2, 6
Contributor 3: Conovalu, Sașa Contributor 3 role: Singer, female: songs 3, 5
Contributor 4: Nistor, Eremia Contributor 4 role: Singer, male (11 years old): song 4
Contributor 5 role: Singer, female (15 years old): songs 7, 8
Contributor 6: Popescu, Suzana Contributor 6 role: Singer, female: songs 9, 10, 12, 13
Contributor 7: Cudlea, Evghenia Contributor 7 role: Singer, female: songs 11, 14
Contributor 8: Eremia, Ivan Pavlovici Contributor 8 role: Singer, male: songs 15, 16

Date of original recording:



           31 min. 32 sec.


          Junghietu, Efim


           The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, The Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova; nowadays The Republic of Moldova

Recording location (Localitate):

           Obileni (Hânceşti; R. Moldova), Cărpineni (Hânceşti; R. Moldova)

Recording district (Raion):

           Cotovschii (Hînceşti)

Recording location:

           Songs 1, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16: Obileni village, Cotovschii district; song 2: Cărpineni village, Cotovschii district



Music category/genre:

           Lyric songs

Recording notes:

           Recording has insignificant faults, was recorded and reverse of another song to the end of play 14 (Eu ți-am sps, mândro) - 22:07 - 22:19.5; reverse recording of another song towards the end of play 16 (Cântecul bolnavului) - 28:19.5 - 28:29.5

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           Bit depth: 24 Sample rate: 96 Channels: 2 Encoding: WAV Replay device: Akai GX-620 Speed: 19 cm/sec Noise reduction: Stylus: Interconnection: Unbalanced Analogue Capture device: Sound Devices, USBPre 2 Capture software:


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