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Collection title:

           The Folkloric Collection of the Institute of Language and Literature: EAP1045





Folkloric species:

           dance songs (cântece de joc), sorrow songs (cântece de jale), war songs (cântece de război), destiny songs (cântece de soartă), love songs (cântece de dragoste), alienation songs (cântece de înstrăinare), nuptial orations farewells (conocării iertăciuni), nuptial songs (cântece de nuntă), New Year wishes (urături şi hăituri), joke songs (cântece de glumă)

Item Description:

           Male and female singers sing solo songs without any acompaniament. Male performer play at harmony (muzicuță) a dance melody (polca) in Romanian (creation 1). A male performer recite five nuptial orations and another male - a New Year wish. A song composed of two dance melodies is performed by instrumental orchestra. The creations are dance melodies (melodie de joc), sorrow/war songs (cântece de jale/război), destiny songs (cântece de soartă), love song (cântec de dragoste), alienation song (cântece de înstrăinare), nuptial/wedding orations and songs (orații de nuntă: conocării, urături la pahar, pocloane de la mire; cântecul miresei), New Year wish (urătură), joke song (cântec de glumă). There are no musical instruments used for songs: 2, 4-13. List of pieces: 1. Polca (harmony, dance melody); 2. Cântec de război (war song); 3. Sârba și hora (dance melodies); 4. Buna ziua, măi cucoane (destiny song); 5. Geaba-i luna, geaba-i stea (love song); 6. Frunză verde foi de nuc (alienation song); 7. Bradul (nuptial/wedding oration); 8. Urătura păharelor (nuptial/wedding oration); 9. Urătura la al doilea rând de păhare (nuptial/wedding oration); 10. Conocăria (nuptial/wedding oration); 11. Cântecul miresei (nuptial song is recited by performer); 12. Pocloane de la cuconul mire (nuptial/wedding oration); 13. Urătoarea (New Year wish); 14. De la noi a treia casă (joke song); 15. Douăzeci și două iulie (war song, unfinished - cântec de război, neterminat).

Performance/Interviewee Note:

           Male and female singers sing solo songs or play melodies at instrument. Male performer recite two nuptial orations and one New Year wish. There are no musical instruments used for songs: 2, 4-13.



Performer Permission:

           Verbally expressed permission. No written proof.

Contributor 1: Male ? Contributor 1 role: Instrument player (harmony), male?: melody 1
Contributor 2: Female Contributor 2 role: Singer, female: song 2
Contributor 3: Instrumental orchestra Contributor 3 role: Performers, males?: melody 3
Contributor 4: Females Contributor 4 role: Performers, females: song 4
Contributor 5 role: Singer, female: song 5
Contributor 6: Female Contributor 6 role: Singer, female: song 6
Contributor 7: Male Contributor 7 role: Performer, male: nuptial orations 7-12
Contributor 8: Male Contributor 8 role: Performer, male: New Year oration 13
Contributor 9: Male Contributor 9 role: Singer, male: song 14
Contributor 10: Male Contributor 10 role: Singer, male: song 15

Date of original recording:



           30 min. 51 sec.




           The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, The Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova; nowadays The Republic of Moldova

Recording location (Localitate):


Recording district (Raion):

           Unknown, Necunoscut

Recording location:




Music category/genre:

           Lyric songs and nuptial orations

Recording notes:

           I assumed that the year of recording is 1966, because the serial numbers of the magnetic tapes are all together

Accompanying images:

           CEAP1045_1_020_1.jpg; CEAP1045_1_020_2.jpg


           Bit depth: 24 Sample rate: 96 Channels: 2 Encoding: WAV Replay device: Akai GX-620 Speed: 19 cm/sec Noise reduction: Stylus: Interconnection: Unbalanced Analogue Capture device: Sound Devices, USBPre 2 Capture software:


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