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Collection title:

           The Stoianov Collection: EAP1045




           Bocete (laments)

Folkloric species:

           dirges (bocete)

Item Description:

           Female performers sing solo (cry) laments in Romanian. The creations are laments. List of pieces: 1. Bocet de mamă (lament); 2. Bocet de soră (lament); 3. Bocet de mamă (lament); 4. Bocet de mamă (lament); 5. Bocet de fată mare (lament); 6. Bocet de mamă (lament); 7. Bocet de fiu (lament); 8. Bocet de mamă (lament); 9. Bocet de soră (lament); 10. Bocet de mamă (lament); 11. Bocet de mamă (lament); 12. Bocet de fată mare (lament); 13. Bocet de mamă (lament); 14. Bocet de fiu (lament).

Performance/Interviewee Note:

           Female performers sing solo (cry) laments without any musical accompaniment.



Performer Permission:

           Verbally expressed permission. No written proof.

Contributor 1: Informant Contributor 1 role: Performer, female: creations 1, 8
Contributor 2: Bănaru, Maria Semionovna Contributor 2 role: Performer, female (24 years old): creations 2, 9
Contributor 3: Informant Contributor 3 role: Performer, female: creations 3, 10
Contributor 4: Informant Contributor 4 role: Performer, female: creations 4, 11
Contributor 5 role: Performer, female: creations 5, 12
Contributor 6: Constantinova, Tatiana Contributor 6 role: Performer, female (50 years old): creations 6, 13
Contributor 7: Sandu, Janea Efremovna Contributor 7 role: Performer, female (70 years old): creations 7, 14

Date of original recording:



           44 min. 19 sec.


          Stoianov, Petru; Junghietu, Efim; Băieșu, Nicolae etc.


           Creations 1-6, 8-13: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, The Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova; nowadays The Republic of Moldova Creations 7, 14: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic; nowadays Ukraine

Recording location (Localitate):

           Duruitoarea (Râşcani; R. Moldova), Sadova (Călăraşi; R. Moldova), Colencăuţi (Hotin; r. Cernăuţi; Ucraina)

Recording district (Raion):

           Râşcani, Călăraşi, Hotin

Recording location:

           Creations 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12: NA Creations 2, 9: Duruitoarea village, Râșcani district Creations 6, 13: Sadova village, Călărași district Creations 7, 14: Colincăuți village, Hotin district



Music category/genre:


Music instrument:


Recording notes:

           Recording has flutter and wow on recorded sound.

Accompanying images:

           CEAP1045_2_60_1.jpg; CEAP1045_2_60_2.jpg


           Bit depth: 24 Sample rate: 96 Channels: 2 Encoding: WAV Replay device: Akai GX-620 Speed: 19 cm/sec Noise reduction: Stylus: Interconnection: Unbalanced Analogue Capture device: Sound Devices, USBPre 2 Capture software:


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